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In your own words….

Finding Applicants Who Plagerize

The most challenging piece of the common application for the vast majority of the college applicants we work with is the personal statement. They hem, they haw, they look at us plaintively for help, and they dread typing those 500 words. (Yes, the personal statement asks for “250 words, minimum, but 500 feels about right for most essays). So, this piece about the increasing incidences of plagerism admissions officers are finding is disheartening, but comes ... more >>

4 Reasons why the library should affect your college choice

I’ve always been a fan of libraries as a place to study, read quietly, and hang out with friends. But with the advent of Kindle and the ready availability of information on-line, schools and colleges are starting to question if and why they should devote space and capital resources to maintaining their libraries. Here are some compelling reasons why libraries are, and should remain, the hub of a school’s ... more >>

Practice makes perfect

Many test prep centers are offering free SAT and ACT practice test sessions throughout the summer and there are many reasons why students should take advantage of this opportunity. Like a dress rehearsal, these sessions replicate the real testing environment as students sit in a room with other students and take the test following the standard protocol.

Through exposure to real test questions, when the time comes for the official test, students should feel more confident going into ... more >>

Summer is a great time to visit college campuses

School is almost over and now is the time to plan those college visits. Summer can be a great time to visit colleges especially those that are a greater distance from home. Admissions offices are also now scheduling interviews as well. Without missing school or having to worry about school obligations you can take advantage of the summer to tour college campuses and interview.

Not your typical “beach reads”

New Scholarly Books

A common question asked during the college interview is, “What book are you currently reading?” Keeping any of the books from this list on your nightstand is certain to impress – and you may learn something along the way!

Students’ college choices are strongly influenced by finances

The Economy and College Choice

As if choosing the “right” college weren’t a complex enough decision, students and their families continue to weigh the net cost of attendance when making their decision.

Summer Opporutnities for High School Students

Susan Kennedy, founder of Career Treking, and Tim Lee will be leading a workshop on Wednesday afternoon for high school students and their parents. Please call us at 978-261-1417 to rsvp.

Now you can bring Fido to college with you

Colleges Extend the Welcome Mat to Students' Pets An increasing number of colleges are allowing students to bring their pets with them to school. After agreeing to some very strict rules, students can keep their cats, birds, dogs, and, in some cases, non-venemous snakes in their dorm rooms. Those colleges with designated dorms allowing pets believe that students who opt to bring their pet to school show greater responsibility and organization. Others worry that having a pet might ... more >>

How to increase your chances of acceptance

The Dynamics of Demonstrated Interest

As colleges are working to increase their yield, at many colleges, particulary the most selective ones, admissions officers are looking carefully at a student’s demonstated interest in their school as a way of gauging how likely they are to yield.

The Upside of Rejection

I truly don’t know what to say to my clients when they receive the dreaded letter telling them they’ve been denied admission to their first choice college. I know I could say that some wonderful schools have admitted them, that thousands of other students are sharing their pain, that years from now their misery will be a distant memory, or that they will come through this experience and be all the stronger for it. But, while all these ... more >>

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