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  • Salesperson

    Recruitment Telephone: 0570-6082238  l  Contact: Xu Linglong

    Job description

    treatment:Base salary + Draw
    Place of work:No. 12 Golden Road, Huabu Town, Kaihua County, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province
    Nature of work:Full-time
    Hands-on background: Unlimited
    Minimum educational background:College
    Recruitment: 2 people
    Professional requirements: No requirement

    Job responsibilities

    1. Inquire about customer needs and recommend products according to customer needs.
    2. Answer customer's consultation about company and products.
    3. To serve customers as the purpose, timely response to customer information, quickly solve customer needs, and ultimately complete sales.
    4. Reception and Solution of Customer After-sales Problems
    5. Income is not capped, pay is rewarded. Welcome to challenge high salary.